The Guardian Angel's Journal

The Guardian Angel s Journal After her death a woman is sent back to life as her own guardian angel in this lyrical first novel that examines questions of fate free will regret and hope Returned to earth as her own guardian a

  • Title: The Guardian Angel's Journal
  • Author: Carolyn Jess-Cooke
  • ISBN: 9780824948795
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • After her death, a woman is sent back to life as her own guardian angel in this lyrical first novel that examines questions of fate, free will, regret, and hope Returned to earth as her own guardian angel, Margot Delacroix, now named Ruth, watches herself, through her own birth, a troubled childhood, her first love, her son s birth, and, ultimately, her own untimely deatAfter her death, a woman is sent back to life as her own guardian angel in this lyrical first novel that examines questions of fate, free will, regret, and hope Returned to earth as her own guardian angel, Margot Delacroix, now named Ruth, watches herself, through her own birth, a troubled childhood, her first love, her son s birth, and, ultimately, her own untimely death As she passes through this second chance at life, she must re experience and record her biggest mistakes and her deepest regrets As she relives her life, Ruth tries to change it and, in the end, prevent her own death Ruth also tries to prevent Margot from ever falling in love with her husband Toby and eventually falls back in love with him herself A love story that proves that love is stronger than death, The Guardian Angel s Journal is a rich, lyrical novel that examines the questions of fate, free will, faith, and hope This story asks readers to consider what they would change about the life they ve already lived.

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    I m the author of the award winning poetry collection INROADS Seren, 2010 and THE GUARDIAN ANGEL S JOURNAL, published by Little, Brown in the UK and Guideposts Books in the US, as well as 22 other languages My second novel, THE BOY WHO COULD SEE DEMONS, was released in May 2012 I have also written co edited four academic books in the fields of Shakespeare and film The US version of THE BOY WHO COULD SEE DEMONS is released August 2013 by Random House, and my second poetry collection BOOM was published in 2014.


  • I am a complete sucker for an angel story and this one sent me straight to heaven. The idea behind this story is so original it blew my mind. I felt like I had stepped into a quantam physics experiment, where I could bend time backwards and forwards like an eraser. Margot dies at the age of forty and is sent back to Earth to be her OWN GUARDIAN ANGEL! I kid you not. Doesn't that just defy mentality? Margot is renamed Beth and forced to accompany herself as she relives every minor detail of her p [...]

  • Monday, April 25, 2011The Guardian Angel's Journal: Carolyn Jess-Cooke Admittedly, when I picked this book up I was afraid it was going to be about calling people to believe in angelsd not much else content. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The main character, Margot, has just died. Her life was not particularly well-spent; one may even consider her life "bad". She has a chance to redeem herself; she can become a guardian angel. This is where the novel gets interesting. She becomes a guardia [...]

  • I'm captivated, I haven't been able to put this one down this weekend! P.S. will write more once my book club has discussed it, don't want to give it all up yet!The author's description of the angel's wings was so vivid, I could clearly see in my mind how beautiful they must have been and felt. Unfortunately, she was almost too good in her descriptive narrative that in the darker parts of the books, made the events feel too real, or close to home. As a parent, these parts were really hard to rea [...]

  • I loved this book it makes you rethink your own life and how your decisions change the direction.The beginning of the book gives us Margot who is sent back to earth as Ruth who is her own guardian angel. I loved that she didn't really know how to react and we were stumbling along with her as she realised the rules and regulations of Angeldom. It hold your attention right till the end as thats when you get to know who killed her. Ruth thought she was changing the direction of 'Margots' life but w [...]

  • I cannot believe how bad this book is on every level: plot, style, theme, characters. I admit I do not like the theme - Lovely Bones did not thrill me but at least I could appreciate the writing and intention - but I did not understand what The Guradian Angel's Journal was tring to achieve. I stuck with it thinking all the time that something would be revealed and everything would fall into place but it didn't!

  • Все си мислех, че тая книга не заслужава 5 звезди. Взех я по много смешно стечения на обстоятелствата и я вземах на подбив от самото начало. Накрая май тя ме взе на подбив. Доста интересно, увлекателно и специфично четиво. Едновременно има от всичко, от което ни е писнало и е то [...]

  • Back in April/May I was recommended to read The Boy Who Could See Demons by Carolyn Jess-Cooke. So I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I ended up writing about it in my English exam since it fit one of the questionsI knew back then that Jess-Cooke's first book was The Guardian Angel's Journal and after enjoying The Boy Who Could See Demons so much, I decided that I would read it.Before I go into my thoughts let me give you a taster of the story. Margot Delacroix suddenly dies and [...]

  • One of the best thrills for me is finding an unexpected great book at the library. This story is a fresh spin on the subject of guardian angels. A subject I tend to find more plausible, comforting and safe than astrology or tarot card reading. This is the story of a young woman who dies and comes back as a guardian angel. The writing is effervescent, haunting and thought-provoking. Contrary to other reviews the ending doesn't feel rushed and follows in the thread of all the other unexpected mome [...]

  • The book grabs your attention right away. Starting with Ruth's wakening to being an angel. The rules are explained to Ruth, which is her new name instead of Margot. I am wary of Christian lit. I don't like having a particular message shoved down my throat. But this book isn't like that. It's very well written with all the characters having their own personalities. Reading about Margot(Ruth) learning what God has intended for her is sometimes funny and sometimes very heart warming. If your into r [...]

  • Margot Delacroix předčasně zemřela a ona se vrátila zpátky na zem v podobě anděla. Jmenuje se teď Ruth a jejím posláním je chránit samu sebe, tedy má chránit Margot Delacroix. Ruth je u svého zrození, jsme svědkem úmrtí její zdrogované matky krátce po porodu. Od té doby se život s Margot nemazlil - od krutého dětství do doby dospívání s drogami, až do chvíle, kdy se Margot přestěhovala do New Yorku a poznala tu svého manžela Tobyho. Narodil se jim syn Theo, a [...]

  • Imagine that when your life ends you are sent back to Earth as a guardian angel. And not for just anyone but a guardian angel for yourself. Imagine you had the opportunity to observe and alter the life you have already lived.This is what happens to Margot Delacroix when her tragic life comes to an end at the age of forty. Renamed Ruth, she is sent back to Earth to encourage Margot to make the right decisions, in the hopes of making her life a little easier. Not only does Ruth now have the opport [...]

  • A fantastic and original story. Four stars because of the problems, which were that the last two chapters were rushed and tedious, not living up to the promise the rest of the book held for it's conclusion. I absolutely love the way the character dies, the randomness of it. I was ready for something akin to the tragedies and injustices of the earlier part of the book. The writing was good, straight-forward, emotionally powerful and direct, with poetic gems peppered in in just the right amount. T [...]

  • Margot stirbt im Alter von nur 42 Jahren auf gewaltsame Weise. Da ihr Leben und das Schicksal es jedoch nie gut mit ihr meinten, bekommt sie die einmalige Chance, als ihr eigener Schutzengel auf sich selbst aufzupassen. Sie bekommt die Chance, ihr Leben zu verändern und in andere Richtung zu leiten.Aber kann sie es diesmal auch wirklich besser machen?„Tagebuch eines Engels“ hat mich zuallererst mit seinem wunderschönen Cover beeindruckt. Da ich Engelgeschichten liebe, war es für mich Grun [...]

  • Acabei este livro com uma lágrima no canto do olho! Um livro emotivo, romântico e que demonstra claramente o quanto a força de um verdadeiro amor pode ser mais forte que a própria morte. Margot, é uma mulher complicada, com um passado ainda mais complicado que de um momento para o outro é assassinada numa suite do Ritz. Quando chega ao céu é lhe dava uma oportunidade que julgava impossível, ser anjo da guarda de si própria. Viu-se a nascer, viu-se a crescer…e a voltar a cometer os me [...]

  • Not a book I'd probably have chosen for myself - but when my bookgroup presented us with this one I thought it had promise - on the cover it says the new Audrey Niffeneger and as I liked both her books I was looking forward to this, however it failed to meet my expectations.We meet Margot a middle aged Irish woman who has just died, she is sent back to earth as a guardian angel - to look over - Margot herself and re-live the choices and mistakes she made in life - I found it disjointed and stret [...]

  • You can read my full review at: nicolasbookshelf/Ruth is sent back to earth to become her own guardian angel after her untimely death. It seems like the perfect opportunity to right all the wrongs of her life, but it quickly becomes clear that nothing is that simple, even for angels"The Guardian Angel's Journal" is incredibly well-written. Carolyn Jess-Cooke's imagery is just beautiful - the idea of water flowing down an angel's back, the metaphors she uses - the language is incredibly powerful [...]

  • One of the most original stories I've read in over a decade. Jess-Cooke's style is both poetic and accessible, with a unique protagonist, whose dilemma is a a three-way conflict with her mortal self, her spiritual self, and with a god that she has to trust in, though she can't see him. I've never encountered a guardian angel who is so human in her efforts to literally save herself from herself. Heartwrenching though the mortal struggles are, the lessons learned --mostly the hard way --by the cha [...]

  • Bem, este livro fala-nos da lenda associada, à existência dos anjos. Ou seja, dos vários tipos de anjos, dos seus objetivos e das suas funções. Para mim o que, é atrativo neste livro, é sem dúvida o determinismo subjacente na história em questão (o determinismo patente no livro, não é o radical). Na leitura deste livro, é importante salientar dois aspetos: Um dos aspetos a ressalvar neste livro, é a confiança - a confiança no destino; a confiança no nosso íntimo; a confiança d [...]

  • This got me thinking several times about are there angels looking over our shoulders trying to guide us in our daily lives. All those thoughts in our heads are they really us or words from our angel. Can the wrong choices we make be the demons talking trying to help us make the wrong choices. Margot dies and is sent to be a guardian angel to herself, she will now see the whole picture of an event not just her side and she is tempted to change things, but can she and should she! Margot could not [...]

  • When I bought this book, and when I first started to read it I didn't expect that I will like it this much. It is quite difficult to imagine yourself in this position. Watching yourself doing your biggest mistakes in life, and not being able to change them without any consequences. This novel is tense, interesting and far different than anything else I have ever read. I would recommend it even to those who don't prefer this kind of novels. It is relatively connected to religion, often mentioning [...]

  • I was completely gripped as soon as I read the first pageI was taking my Kindle everywhere, even to the gym! Such a beautiful and heartbreaking story, an innocent child thrown to the clutches of abusers, I truly hope I have a guardian angel as wonderful and protective as Margot had. A sad story that left me with a lump in my throat. Excellent book - worthy comparison as "The new Audrey Niffenger" Company Magazine

  • Ho chiuso l'ultima pagina con la pelle sollevata dal brivido di emozioni che questa magnifica storia mi ha regalato. Una storia che mi ha fatto sorridere, commuovere,arrabbiare come mai mi era capitato primambra quasi di esserne protagonisti! Un libro da leggere tutto d'un fiato, che fa riflettere e riscalda il cuore di consolazione e speranza e che ci lascia credere, anche solo per un attimo.e davvero non siamo soli!

  • Confusing - how can you be a guardian angel to yourself? Does this mean there are two of you in existence? Or parallel worlds? I found pondering this distracted me from the unfolding of the storyazon/product-revie

  • The book is totally unexpected in a refreshing way. The writing is vivid and sometimes even crude, but somehow there is always a hint of Light, of Hope, of deep Love capable of witnessing all the suffering and transmuting it. I loved this book.Definitely a Good read!Maria Carmo 12th October, Lisbon.

  • I loved this book. The concept was so original, and the plot kept me thinking about it even when I had to (reluctantly) put it down. I finished it in two days. When I closed the book and put it on my nightstand, I had that stunned feeling you get when you leave beloved characters behind. I even cried a little at the end. Beautiful, painful, thought-provoking.

  • I was disappointed. The book started off interesting, but about mid way through, it became predictable and a little boring. There was really no climax to it and the ending was predictable. I personally wouldn't recommend this book.

  • I don't usually read paranormal fiction but this story was certainly different (for me at least). It was well written, cleverly structured, and amusing . It reminded me a little of "The Time Traveller's Wife", which is one of my favourite books. Perhaps I should read more like this!

  • Totally loved the original concept of this novel. It has a lingering affect after finishing it. I didnt like the final wrap up of the story but the journey of this story is really worth the ride!

  • Really liked it. Read it in 24 hours - compelling. Only reason I didnt give it 5 was because of the ending. Still, definitely worth a read.

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