The Carousel

The Carousel In public Oliver Grey is a devoted father prominent public figure humanitarian and respected businessman But in private there s a much darker side to Oliver Grey a side so dark that someone is dr

  • Title: The Carousel
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: 9780783811178
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • In public, Oliver Grey is a devoted father, prominent public figure, humanitarian, and respected businessman But in private, there s a much darker side to Oliver Grey a side so dark that someone is driven to kill himThough the Greys appear to be an enviable upper class family, they are not without problems Ian, the older son, is a womanizer and compulsive gambler ClIn public, Oliver Grey is a devoted father, prominent public figure, humanitarian, and respected businessman But in private, there s a much darker side to Oliver Grey a side so dark that someone is driven to kill himThough the Greys appear to be an enviable upper class family, they are not without problems Ian, the older son, is a womanizer and compulsive gambler Clive, the younger son, is an odd man barely five feet tall with no life outside his work as an accountant and Amanda, Oliver s niece, whom he raised after her parents died in a plane crash, has been twice divorced and has had a difficult life Dan, Amanda s brother, is the only Grey who appears to have no problems except with his six year old daughter Caroline, whose behavior reminds him and of his troubled sister Amanda.The trouble had started with Oliver Grey s decision to divide his nationally known business, Grey s Food, among Ian, Clive, and Dan Amanda, bitter about being left out of the business, arrives from California to straighten out her financial holdings in the company On a visit to Ellen, Dan s wife, Amanda sees a silver carousel much like the one Oliver gave her when she was a child Ellen says the carousel was a gift to Caroline from Oliver Amanda breaks down and tells Ellen that Oliver had given her the carousel to keep her from telling the truth about the unspeakable things he had done to her Ellen, horrified by this revelation, finally understands why her daughter has been acting so strangely and why a therapist had raised the possibility that Caroline may have been sexually abused Ellen goes to Oliver Grey s home that evening to confront him And when she leaves he isdead.Belva Plain breaks new ground in this stunning new novel A family drama with a strong strain of mystery, The Carousel confirms her standing as one of today s most compelling and popular writers.

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    Belva Plain was a best selling American author of mainstream women s fiction Her first novel, Evergreen 1978 topped the New York Times bestseller list for 41 weeks and was made into a TV miniseries At her death, there were over 30 million copies of her twenty plus novels in print in 22 languages.


  • This book got me on guard after reading it. Sexual abuse could happen to children, and COULD be done by your own family member. It makes me sick to read this kind of story, and also makes me a bit paranoid of my own relatives, but better be on the safe side than be sorry later, right?If I could, I would put my children inside the safety box and let them out only when they grow up and can think for themselves.

  • This book had me hooked from the beginningwhy was this carousel so important? After finding out why it was given and the 'secret' behind the giftI was sickenedere is truly way more abuse out there then an average person realizes. Under the face of a secure and reputable familyhides one of the deepest and darkest 'secrets' that could ever bead this one!

  • This came in a sack for $5 from the library. Not bad but I don't think it will be great. If I can't get into it I'll drop it off at Half Priced Books for Josh to read. :-)

  • Belva Plain at her best I loved this book, could not put it down. It has a few slow spots but it is well worth the read. Great family saga.

  • I can't say what made me grab this book up when I went out for my latest book splurge (admit it, we all do it). It just sounded interesting. And it was.I just hated all the characters. I didn't like any one of them. And there really wasn't a main character. I especially hated Ian and Roxanne. Happy was so happy. So wonderful. And even when the book ended she didn't know her 'dear' husband was a big, lying cheater. Ugh. I hate that. I hate cheating relationships. I also hate how Sally was okay wi [...]

  • This book made me want to stab my eyeballs out! It was INCREDIBLY BORING throughout MOST of the book. The murder didn't happen until page 300 something. And then it was like the book was rushed after that NOTHING HAPPENED before the murder except to talk about how the old man was a pedophile and molested the little girls in the family and gave the little girls he was molesting this silver carousel. BLAH! SPOILER ALERT!!! (If you care) The old dude is shot and killed. They bury him. His niece-in- [...]

  • Maybe not 3 stars, but still qutie good and enjoyable. Tina, 5 years old, has had a personality change and one doctor says she's been sexually abused. The parents don't believe it until her mother, Sally, learns that Amanda, her sister-in-law, was abused decades earlier by Uncle Oliver. The story moved along quickly, and there was no caricaturing of characters. The seemed to act as one would expect, although the switch of Roxanne from Ian's mistress to Clive's wife (and Ian's sister-in-law) was [...]

  • This author does a good job of keeping the reader entertained and did a great job of writing this story. However, I didn't really enjoy the storyline that much, it was kind of depressing. It is about a very prestigious, wealthy family and their battles among each other. It involves a lot of conspiracies, backstabbing & selfishness. The ending is a bit of a surprise so it became a page turner. It was not horrible, it was not my favorite kind of story, but it is readable if you enjoy that kind [...]

  • I enjoyed this book although at times I think it could have gone a little faster - too much going on in the story! A little girl "possibly" has been molested - maybe in a former life and maybe in this life. This book goes through the family and the therapist she is seeing to figure out the truth. As I kept reading it got much better and I managed to give it a 4 star rating!The carousel is a treasure the little girl loved!

  • I didnt much care for the book or the characters at first but as I kept reading they began to tug at my hearstrings. I did enjoy the book, became engrossed in the lives of these characters, the plot, even though I felt the ending seemed abrupt. I always seem to come away with something when I read a book such as thiswhat I came away with was simply that all things happen for a reason and that you can just never know what life may bring us.

  • The Carousel by Belva Plain has a title which evokes wonderful childhood memories but in this novel of the Grey family it comes to mean something quite different. The novel is focused and compelling and the characters are well developed. Intriguing situations form the central part of the novel as Plain follows the Grey family life which, like so many, is not always as perfect as it might seem. Quite good, as Plain's works usually are.

  • I am not sure if this is the book where a little boy named Charles is lost in a fair in France, and a poor relative, a twelve or so year old girl, is blamed for it harshly forever by the father of the family. Years later the boy is found miraculously by her, identified only because his name is unique in France, and when they talk much is revealed.

  • Another good Belva Plain book. Good, but not great. It is the story of a prominent wealthy family (think Kennedy's but fictitious) and the secrets that they have. Interesting twist toward the end that I didn't expect. Only 256 pages. Quick read.

  • Book had great characters so true to life. Brothers that are completely different and the money that causes evil. My favorite character was Roxanne there are a lot of women out there like her. At the end she showed her true colors.

  • A non-stop reading. Nicely written with the balanced amount of dialogue and description. Good characterization and nice plot. It was not completely perfect because of one small detail at the end that I'm not going to mention to not spoil for the ones who haven't read it yet.

  • I found this to be an average read. Didn't find the characters to be all that compelling or the storyline to be one that caused me to hardly wait to turn the page. Still, I did finish it but am not sure if I will investigate any more of her books.

  • I admit I was caught up with the title! I love carousels. The book was quite good. A bit slow at the start, but as the characters evolved, the dynamics of their interactions proved to be interesting.

  • I thought I was so grown-up reading this when I was 13member really enjoying it! I don't think I would savor it the same way if I read it today, but hey, I can appreciate it.

  • I've read one other Belva Plain, which I remember enjoying, but this one wasn't that great. I cared enough about the people that I finished it, but it didn't grip me.

  • Book #7 read in 2009The plot in the moved pretty quickly and the characters were interesting. I figured out most of the twists before they happened, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.

  • I actually really liked it. I didn't think I would at first, but it picked up and even took me by surprise at the end. Sad, but good.

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