Beneath a Blood Lust Moon

Beneath a Blood Lust Moon Werewolf Braxton Devereaux would do anything to protect his mother from his abusive father even commit murder Or so everyone assumes Pack Law justice is swift and unforgiving when it comes to murder

  • Title: Beneath a Blood Lust Moon
  • Author: Jodi Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9780990883067
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Werewolf Braxton Devereaux would do anything to protect his mother from his abusive father, even commit murder Or so everyone assumes.Pack Law justice is swift and unforgiving when it comes to murder, and soon werewolf Assassins are out to balance the scales Braxton s life for his father s On the run, Braxton flees on his Harley to the anti extradition state of MissourWerewolf Braxton Devereaux would do anything to protect his mother from his abusive father, even commit murder Or so everyone assumes.Pack Law justice is swift and unforgiving when it comes to murder, and soon werewolf Assassins are out to balance the scales Braxton s life for his father s On the run, Braxton flees on his Harley to the anti extradition state of Missouri, but before he crosses the border, he is felled by an Assassin s bullet, and an unsuspecting blonde.Kate Wolph is in a legal battle to avoid losing her Bed and Breakfast to foreclosure The last thing she needs is an injured wolf to care for, let alone a gorgeous man with blank eyes and a deadly smile But the supernatural world of danger that surrounds him threatens to swallow than just her life Can Braxton track down the real killer before the Assassins find him, or will Pack Justice cost him not only his life but the life of the only woman he s ever loved

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    Jodi is a USA TODAY bestselling author of the RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES series and writes paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance Born and raised in Mississippi, her deep Southern roots and love of the paranormal led her to write Southern Paranormal novels When she is not conversing with characters in her head, she can be found at her home in Northeast Arkansas with her handsome husband, brilliant son, a temperamental swan, and yellow lab that is fond of retrieving turtles when duck season is over Find her on Facebook, Jodi Vaughn, author.Follow her on Twitter and Periscope JodiVaughn1Sign up for her newsletter and check out her website jodivaughnFind her on Instagram at VaughnJodi


  • Sizzling hot romanceAction packed, thrilling, emotionally gripping romantic adventure taking us back to this exciting world.Braxton Devereaux is on the run and looking to survive long enough to clear his name. He never expected to find Kate Wolph and is not sure why he is so drawn to a human. Gripping story filled with heart pounding action, danger, mystery and a awesome amount of laugh out loud fun in the form of a crazy group of writers. (Loved them)

  • Book two in the Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves series is all about Braxton Devereaux. We met Braxton in book one. He was the sexy tattooed bartender that worked at the strip club and helped Damon save Jayden and Ava. Well now he is the one needing help. After being falsely accused of killing is father he is forced to flee to Arkansas to stay ahead of the assassins. The assassins are an elite group of trained killers with one job. To kill anyone that breaks were law. He finds himself in Eureka S [...]

  • I really liked this book a lot. In fact, I would have given it 5 stars except for the language and details of sex. I like using my imagination when it comes to sex scenes. And I just don't like the F word. I know that a lot of people aren't bothered by it.I'm just weird about that. But if you don't mind the F word and sex scenes, you will give this book 5 stars.I love it and I will most likely buy more of Jodi's books and read them. Because her plot was so good and I loved all of the weres, I lo [...]

  • Hot!This was a good second round from The Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves! Braxton is tormented by his past abusive family relationship and Kate is the balm he needed. The ending was a little abrupt and I didn't expect the outcome, but overall was a good story! Can't wait to read the next installmente series keeps getting better and I will be recommending!

  • This is the second book in the series and just didn't find as good as the first one. I did love the part were the authors showed up in the story. These ladies were hilarious!

  • Loved this! I really enjoyed Jodi's take on werewolves! Braxton is falsely accused of murdering his abusive father, he sets out for neutral territory and to prove his innocence, but when he is shot and run off the road by werewolf assassins, he barely escapes with his life and luckily he finds Grace. When Grace finds an injured wolf outside of her bed and breakfast, she doesn't know that her normal life is about to get a bit crazy. Loved the passion and chemistry between Braxton and Grace! Sweet [...]

  • Ok, really liking this series!!! This book was even better than the first one; I love series where the characters from the first book are part of the ensemble in subsequent books. This one had a really creepy plot too! Liked that. Can't wait until the next one on Jayden. Hope there is definitely more Granny too!!!

  • The only reason why I did not give five stars, was that I felt the supporting characters (Ava, Granny, and the romance writers) were too close to the border of being comedic/annoying. Just slightly, and certainly not enough to detract from the book's overall enjoyment, but enough to lose a star.

  • BraxtonThis is my favorite so farBraxton and Kate are such an adorable couple. And the writers they are hilarious, I hope they get their stories.

  • This was just as good as the first book and I loved it apart from the minor grammatical errors and the fact that the author recapped parts that were told earlier in this book i.e. when Braxton is shot, he loses control and him and his Harley end up falling down the side of the mountain in Chapter 2 is recapped in a later chapter…. it’s not necessary and it’s tedious reading it again in the same book.That said this book focuses on the romance between Braxton and Kate. Braxton is on the run [...]

  • I do not know where to begin to describe this book! This is the 2nd book in the ARKANSAS WEREWOLF series and I just can't imagine how Jodi Vaughn is going to top this. Braxton and Kate are the stories hero and heroine. She brings back Damon, Ava, Barrett, Jayden and the ever lovable comical Granny. We also get to meet a new character Beau, a veternarian and Kate's best friend. Kate owns a B&B that's not doing that well financially until some romance writers show up for a few days. Braxton is [...]

  • Oh I loved Braxton and Kate's story! Jodi Vaughn is so good at bringing her characters to life in your mind. Big rough and tough, yet softhearted, Braxton has had a rough life growing up with a abusive father. His father's abuse of his mother though takes a turn when he is found dead by Braxton. His mom thinks he did it and now the Assassins are after him. On the run for something he didn't do, he is shot in the back with a silver bullet, fell over the side of a mountain, and lands himself at th [...]

  • Sexy, Hot, Hilarious and Fill of AlphasBeneath A Blood Lust Moon, Jodi Vaughn's second book in her Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves, we get Braxton and Kate's story. Boy what a story it turns out to be. Braxton loses his job, is accused of murder, ran out of town, hunted by assassins, ran off a mountain, shot and falls for a human all in the first few chapters. You can just imagine what else happens with an entire book to read. Kate's life is all out of sorts too. Her mom and her fight over Kate' [...]

  • I don't even know where to start with this one. It is the second book of the series and I found it to be my favorite so far. Thankfully due to the weather and illness I was housebound with nothing else to do so I started reading it. WOW, I could NOT put this book down until I had finished the entire things it is that good! I did have a brief pause around 82% when out loud laughing caused a coughing fit, but other than that, I never let it leave my sight. Trying not to give too much away here but [...]

  • We all know and love Braxton for his help in rescuing Jayden and helping out at the bar in Louisiana. We know his father is abusive, but what happens when he gets a call from a neighbor of his parents saying it sounds like things are worse than normal? What happens when his mom walks in after he finds the body? What happens when he is arrested and runs? Where does he go? He knows one place where he can seek refuge, but the question is, does he make it? This book is full of drama, really hot six, [...]

  • Ehhhok. A bit unfocused but just as humorous at times as the previous book in this series. Some of the dialogue was identical to the dialogue in book one. Especially the love scenes. Braxton and Damon supposedly didn't know each other well but they are an awful lot alike. Jayden pops up again without purpose. Ava and Granny interfere yet again; Barrett shows up out of the blue to spin werewolf history, and snap, just like that, all is right with the world! And we have our "red herring" killer an [...]

  • This book is about Braxton, (Who I fell in love with in Damon's book) he is one hot Alpha male with sleeve tattoos and black hair with blue streaks (YUMMM) He is wrongly accused of murder and is on the run from 3 assassins, He is wounded and finally makes it somewhere he feels safe. Kate owns the Bella Luna B and B. She is struggling to keep it though, There are a TON of things going on in this book but let me say I asbolutely LOVED the writers retreat OMG they are hysterical, Especially since i [...]

  • I love the hero in this story, strong, loving and believes in keeping those he loves, whether they deserve it or not, safe from harm. Easier said than done has he's running for his life for protecting someone he loves. As men are looking for him he runs into someone who needs his help and to whom he has a strong attraction to. Can he help save her business while keeping himself hidden from those who are trying to kill him. As I said earlier, I really like this character and how he got to the poi [...]

  • I haven't read them all, but this has got to be the funniest, craziest Arkansas Werewolves book. It certainly is for aspiring and published romance writers. In this book a group of romance writers checks in to Kate's B&B for a retreat. They're nutty, and here are some of. Y favorite lines from the book:Jayden gave her a droll look. “Are you kidding? They’re writers. They put all kinds of shit in those books. I’m sure a book about Werewolves that ride Harleys would hit the New York Time [...]

  • As I was reading By The Light of the Moon, I thought Braxton was a wonderful character. When I found out that Beneath A Blood Lust Moon was going to be Braxton's story, I was so excited! Once again, Jodi Vaughn has taken a strong character and given him an intriguing history, a true love, and a fabulous amount of steamy interludes! Kate is the girl you believe in and root for, and her chemistry with Braxton is scorching!Peppered with a cast of lively supporting characters and set in beautiful Eu [...]

  • This was an enjoyable book, really liked the glimpse we had of Braxton in the first book and Kate was a very likable character. I felt for Braxton and his crappy upbringing and was glad he got his HEA with Kate.The group of writers that stayed at the B&B added an interesting and humours part to the story. We got to see Damon and Ava again along with Jayden and the loveable Granny.The plot was good and had some twists which is always nice. Overall a great addition to the series and I'm lookin [...]

  • I received Beneath a Blood Lust Moon as a giveaway prize from the author. The gifting did not determine the review/rating, which reflects my honest opinion. Really good story line in this book, and I like the worldbuilding as a whole. Characters I wanted to root for and villains I wanted to toss into a pack of starved piranhas-- oh wait, that's exactly what happened. A fun read. Currently listed on as book 3 of the series, this is actually before Kayden's book.

  • Second book in the four book series. Braxton and Kate's story. Good story line. A tough ballsy female and a dangerous wolf on the run. Throw in Assassins, and lecherous land grabber and a handful of lusty women and you have the makings of a damn good book. I loved it from the start, twists and turns, false trails and happy endings make for a gripping read. Loved it from beginning to end. So looking forward to the next book.

  • Book 2: Fantastic!This series just keeps getting better and better. The entire gang is back including Granny, Jayden, Damon, Ava, and Barrett. The plot is believable and intriguing. The mystery is quite a surprise. The writers are hilarious. A laugh out loud story with humor. A must read. Would give this novel more stars if it was allowed.

  • This book is hysterical! I'll read this again and again and I highly recommend it to women who love good sex and a good laugh. I'm still giggling. The banter between a group of "authors" staying at the bed and breakfast will have you laughing for weeks. There are some grammatical issues, but the story is solid and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Four stars.

  • Didn't enjoy this book as I did the first & third books in the series (I read them out of order). The lead characters were bland and forgettable (outside their tiresome tendency to make out/have sex every couple pages). In fact, I liked the side characters like Granny and the romance writers group far more than the lead characters.

  • Friends, family and foreverBraxton has not had it easy and after losing Gus job he goes to his parents house to find his dad killed and he us accused of it. Running he runs right to Kate she is trying to save her bed and breakfast with some help and with Braxtons friends they can save it when the real killer comes out looks like they will get their happy ever after

  • Jodi Vaughn nailed it again!!!! This series is wonderful. You fall in love with the characters. Braxton and Kate are awesome together. You get to visit with Ava and Damon. Barrett and Jayden, and Granny. Granny is such a kick ass ladyIf you haven't read this series. What are you waiting for?? Has it all!!!

  • I won this book through First Reads. I absolutely love this book! This is a great werewolf story. I absolutely love Braxton. His character is the glue that holds this story together. He made this book worth reading.

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