Red Jihad: Battle for South Asia

Red Jihad Battle for South Asia AD Pakistan has transitioned into a full fledged democracy and is reconciling with India However there are forces working against this fragile peace A Pakistani jihadi leader Yasser Basheer tr

  • Title: Red Jihad: Battle for South Asia
  • Author: Sami Ahmad Khan
  • ISBN: 9788129119872
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2014 AD Pakistan has transitioned into a full fledged democracy and is reconciling with India However, there are forces working against this fragile peace A Pakistani jihadi leader, Yasser Basheer, travels to the Red Corridor and enlists the support of an Indian Naxalite commander, Agyaat Their plan to unleash Pralay, India s experimental intercontinental ballistic mi2014 AD Pakistan has transitioned into a full fledged democracy and is reconciling with India However, there are forces working against this fragile peace A Pakistani jihadi leader, Yasser Basheer, travels to the Red Corridor and enlists the support of an Indian Naxalite commander, Agyaat Their plan to unleash Pralay, India s experimental intercontinental ballistic missile, on the subcontinent As the missile changes course en route, it hits Pakistan and causes collateral damage In response, Pakistan unleashes war on India The battle for South Asia turns murkier as an Indo Pak war threatens to embroil many other countries in the endgame Have India and Pakistan sparked off the mother of all wars A gripping, award winning thriller, Red Jihad explores perhaps the most feared nexus in South Asia between the Jihadis and the Naxalites.WINNER of Muse India Young Writer Runner up Award at the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2013 and Excellence in Youth Fiction Writing award at Delhi World Book Fair 2013.

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    Dr Sami Ahmad Khan studied Literature at Delhi University, completed his master s in English at Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU , and then went to the University of Iowa on a Fulbright grant He holds a PhD degree in techno culture studies from JNU He has produced features for All India Radio and taught at IIT, JNU, Jindal Global University and Iowa He currently discusses life, language and literature at GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi Red Jihad , Sami s debut thriller, won NBT s National Debut Youth Fiction Award and Muse India Young Writer Award Runner up He also won third prize in the US based Islamicate SF Short Story Contest His second novel, Aliens in Delhi , will be out in April 2017 Sami s short fiction, research papers and articles have appeared in leading magazines and journals across the globe He is a member of the Indian Science Fiction Writers Association ISFWA and the Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies IASFS He can be reached at Facebook facebook Sami Ahmad KTwitter SamiAhmadKhan


  • Remarkable! "Red" and "Jihad" in a thriller title? I knew I had to read this one. I got this book today morning and finished it in 1 sitting straight. One word - Engrossing! I couldn't stop myself the moment I had read the first page. Red Jihad draws you into a web of politics, deceit, lies, betrayal, and of course, guns, glory and guts. I loved the intelligent plot, the way it moves forward, and the simple, straightforward narration without any digressions. Too many books these days get so infa [...]

  • Loved this book. So fresh, engrossing, nuanced, and mature in its treatment of very sensitive issues like terrorism, naxalism and nationalism. A great thriller that is fast-paced, informative, lucid and engrossing. It takes us to a South Asia of 2014 where as per Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong, does, at least politically. Intelligent fiction that should be read by those who want to take a break from those campus novels or cheesy romances on love the new writers are dashing out post-Bha [...]

  • Sami Ahmad Khan in his debut work brings the horrific possibility of these two thorns, bleeding the sides of our country and by an extension our western neighbor too, coming together. Like the title suggests – Red Jihad is the coming together of these disruptive forces for a common bad. Full review: thetalespensieve.wordpress

  • "What happens if the faction of Indians who do not believe in democracy (naxals) join hands with our neighbors who don't want democracy in India?"This in a sentence is the basic premise of the Red Jihad. "Interesting" and "intriguing" are two words which immediately pop in your consciousness like bubble wrap. And Sami Ahmad does an almost decent job at executing the premise. It is very evident that Sami has spent a LOT of time researching things and all the time and effort comes through in the t [...]

  • Red Jihad is a fast-paced, engrossing, gripping thriller that crystal gazes into the future of Indo-Pak relations and how we're all pawns in a greater game. It brings alive our worst fears- Naxalites uniting with the Jihadis to subvert an India-Pakistan peace process. I was reminded of newspaper headlines when I read this- fact has seamlessly been integrated with fiction. It delineates an India-Pakistan war, domestic instability in the country, an epistemological shift in power, and the fate of [...]

  • I wish this had been written better. The premise is intriguing and quite unique - that Maoists and Jihadis can come together. Unfortunately, Khan's turgid prose - sometimes overdetailed and at other times banal takes away from the book. Some of the issues such as the ease with which the red terrorist combine takes over the missile launch site (which presumably also carries nukes) is scary even if it's halfway true.This book would make a good screenplay for a fast paced movie. Hopefully it will h [...]

  • My only problem with this novel is that it is too short and some situations like the war are not properly described. Some situations like the coup seem unrealistic and the author could have developed them more descriptively. But the author has done a fine job in writing about a theme that has been untouched till now. His detailed research also merits appreciation.

  • What'd happen if Naxalites and radical Islamic terrorists join hands and launch a prototype ICBM?That is the pitch of Red Jihad. The good news : Sami Ahmad Khan knows the art of a (thriller) story telling and knows it quite well. The first half of the novel is like a seductive, out of this world entity, not letting you off its hypnotic spell. The premise felt creepy, dangerous and nearly plausible. Makes you pause and think, 'What if' The writing is well done. There is an admirable lack of any k [...]

  • I found the characterisation to be slightly inconsistent with the roles the characters were being portrayed in, to be very honest. That formed the first significant gap in the book, in my opinion. A Chief Of Army Staff would not be on-again and off-again, and would be in control of himself - with General Malhotra is most decidedly not. The entire military take-over does not gel, and comes across as distinctly fictional and out-of-place. Not only that, it is inconceivable the an Army Chief would [...]

  • The downsides first. Starts well, but multiple settings in quick succession creates confusion. The narrative lumbers, there’s too much sincerity in trying to TELL, which ends up truncating the SHOW. ‘Show, don’t tell’, might be a paradox of sorts, for many, including me. But like all ‘rules of the thumb’, however much you are sure about its non-relevance, there are times it just pops up to prove why it was founded. It felt so while reading Red Jehad.Sincerity is replete in the narrat [...]

  • Sami Ahmad Khan in his early work has made quite a decent effort. The plot is well built and must admit that Khan had a really shrewd mind while setting the plot. The story is written much alike any suspense novel where the author tries to break off the suspense and take you entirely another scene running in parallel in time.It is disappointing as the author is not able to reach to the nuance of his descriptions. Many scenes are just written to get over with. For instance where the PAF sends the [...]

  • Ever thought of a Bollywood sequel to a Hollywood movie?In case this book makes it to big screen, it would be a sequel to Kate Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty.It already seems like a literary sequel to the acclaimed "No Easy Day" by Mark Owen.This military fiction is very well researched technically. However, the story seems a bit cliched and looks more like an Indian war film (minus the masala of course).The one thing in this book that didn't seem to convincing is that - (SPOILER ALERT)How can a ter [...]

  • India is developing a futuristic ICB missile technology, Pralay, at a secret base in the Andaman Islands. The base is overtaken by a group of Jihadists and Naxals, who have joined forces. Their mission – “To use this missile against India”.Full review on BookGeeks here ----> Red Jihad | Sami Ahmad Khan | Book Review

  • Good insight to the functioning and the structure of the armed forces. From "the Abbottabad raid being another American hoax" to "painting an ideal world where you have a joint indo-pak joint military operation" the story has all the masala for a bollywood flick.

  • Good effort my novel novelist. A tad unnecessary fiction though. Will prove to be a good action movie script ever made on (God forbid) Indo-Pak nuclear war.

  • a good book. good detailing but lacked the character details of a main lead. i mean, the reasons due to which bashir switched sides was left out. otherwise a really good book. loved it.

  • A decade ago, i watched a Bollywood movie where the villain stole a missile while hijacking a base, and planned to release it to destroy India. Reading this book gave me a deja vu of this, and explores the original plot of what if an Indian missile attacks Pakistan due to sabotage. The plot elements are nice(Naxal and Taliban nexus-hence 'Red Jihad') and the mathematical table of options is good. A great read and shows how Indian fiction writers are evolving to one day equal the best in the worl [...]

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