Baaa After the last person has gone from the earth sheep take over the world make the same mistakes as humans and eventually disappear as well

  • Title: Baaa
  • Author: David Macaulay
  • ISBN: 9780395395882
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the last person has gone from the earth, sheep take over the world, make the same mistakes as humans, and eventually disappear as well.

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    • Unlimited [Science Book] ✓ Baaa - by David Macaulay µ
      116 David Macaulay
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    David Macaulay, born in 1946, was eleven when his parents moved from England to Bloomfield, New Jersey He found himself having to adjust from an idyllic English childhood to life in a fast paced American city During this time he began to draw seriously, and after graduating from high school he enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design RISD After spending his fifth year at RISD in Rome on the European Honors Program, he received a bachelor s degree in architecture and vowed never to practice After working as an interior designer, a junior high school teacher, and a teacher at RISD, Macaulay began to experiment with creating books He published his first book, Cathedral, in 1973 Following in this tradition, Macaulay created other books including City, Castle, Pyramid, Mill, Underground, Unbuilding, and Mosque that have provided the explanations of the how and the why in a way that is both accessible and entertaining From the pyramids of Egypt to the skyscrapers of New York City, the human race s great architectural and engineering accomplishments have been demystified through Macaulay s elaborate show and tells Five of these titles have been made into popular PBS television programs.


  • where humans have gone extinct, sheep begin to take our places. Sadly, for them, they adopt all our nasty habits - even the really DIRTY stuff like banking and politics!(How this is all accomplished without opposable thumbs is anyone's guess . . .)As you might imagine, bad stuff happens.(view spoiler)[Soylent Green IS NOT PEOPLE! (hide spoiler)]A very dark and disturbingly dystopian tale for adults or very unusual children.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["b [...]

  • I have a hard time believing that this picture book is for children. Although it was published in 1985, page 40 may sound eerily familiar to today's "leader(s)":"The leaders presented charts and graphs that proved there was no hunger."Did Macaulay predict America would be heading towards a fascist regime in 2017? Spooky!

  • I met Macaulay and found him sweet and gentle. This book shows an entirely different side!! My daughter found this in the picture book section of our library and we brought it homeI began to read it to her, and she could NOT understand why I was laughing. Picture book or not, this is NOT a children's book. I event talked to the librarians about perhaps reshelving it. Think "Soylent Green" in picture books! Baaaa is a cautionary tale, a dystopia starring sheep. Civilization seems to be going swim [...]

  • Malthus meets Orwell meets Harry Harrison meets Gorey meets Shaun the Sheep until there's no one left and no record of when the last one disappeared. Baaa humbug!

  • In the course of his career, David Macaulay has employed several different illustration styles. He’s an amazing artist, regardless of the medium and a true genius. Seriously, he won the MacArthur Foundation Award—aka, The Genius Award—in 2006. The art in Baaa is black and white and beautifully done. Macaulay uses light and shade perfectly and creates texture and depth with cross hatching and carefully spaced lines. Though this is a heavily illustrated book, the story is not for younger chi [...]

  • This dystopian novel looks at sheep living human lives. It follows the history of humans from the caves to the industrial age except this occurs with sheep after all humans have died off. It does a great job illustrating the impact that humans have had on themselves and their environment while also showing the brutality and gruesome nature of industry. Though this book is easy to read, I would reserve it for an older audience because the ideas are mature and gruesome. A discussion could be deriv [...]

  • A picture book for older children, teenagers 10-18, and adults. A dystopian story about sheep taking over the place of humans after they [humans] disappeared mysteriously, and slowly slowly the sheep were becoming more human themselves. Things looked fine at the beginning and then. . . A dystopian, haunting story about issues like overpopulation, cannibalism (baaa), corruption etc. This is the second time I read this story and the ending is always chilly. "There is no record of when the last per [...]

  • This is an adorable book with a dark warning for the youth of the earth. It tells of the disapearance of the human race, and follows a herd of sheep as tehy slowly discover and recreate civilized society. The sheep begin making the smae mistakes humans did, and suffer the same fate. The books message is subtle, and greatly supported by the amazing black and white illustrations. It tells of overpopulation, inflation, rations, corrupt leaders, etc. Its like orwell for kids.I love it.

  • "during times of crisis, the rulers pumped more entertainment into the television channels" - beware this book looks like a plain, eccentric grey gloomy children story book about a bunch of sheep taking over our world - but it's an illustrated adult book about power struggles. children will find the story pointless and boring - even adults wonder about the ending - although it gives the book a poignant ending.

  • The last of the humans disappears. A flock of sheep come and recreate civilized society, rise and eventually fall to the same fate as the humans. Dark, but fascinating look at society, economics & capitalism, and leadership, through sheep. Though it's a picture book, I'd say an older audience would appreciate this more than small children.

  • Opening Lines:There is no record of when the last person disappeared. The only person who could have recorded when the last person disappeared was the last person to disappear.From start to finish this is an intriguing cautionary tale. I would advise adults to read BAAA first before deciding to read this story to a child. Wow!

  • Not at all what I was expecting from an illustrated book that looked suspiciously like a children's book. But from the first sentence, I knew this wasn't the case:"There is no record of when the last person disappeared."This book is frank and sad and erudite. Highly recommended if you can find a copy.

  • This book is weird.It's not really for kids, at least not unless you're willing to have a conversation with your second grader about the destructive nature of man.That said, it's really good! It's well written with compelling illustrations and this lingering feeling that something's not right.

  • After the last human dies out, sheep take over the world, make the same mistakes that humans did, and eventually die out as well. Brilliantly illustrated by the incomparable David Macaulay, this book is a gem.

  • Two words "Soylent Green" except with sheep. It's written in the style of a children's story but I don't think it's seriously meant to be one. it tells of a post apocalyptic world run by sheep who end up destroying themselves just like humans.

  • This book was so adorable. Even though it is geared towards kids, it had a lot of elements of the real world in it to date. The illustrations were well though out. There were definitely moments in this book that made me chuckle. Excellent quick read.

  • Talk about a creepy ending. Is it just me, or has the ending of this book changed in recent years? If you'd like a Soylent Green bedtime story for your kids, look no further. It's brilliant and sinister. Find this book and add it to your collection of picture book/literary wonders.

  • To be honest, it was only a 2.5 stars for me until the very last line. That sentence rated a half a star all by itself.

  • Aaah, a dystopian picture book! The blending of picture and word make this an interesting and intriguing book. It's dark, it's a bit gruesome, and it's thought-provoking. Not for young children.

  • Fairly weak story as far as allegory goes, but many, many Macaulay sheep make up for it. I bought a used copy at The Book Exchange in Ashland.

  • I like it when Children's books have interesting layers that adults or older critical thinkers can be intrigued by. Darkly humorous.

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